History of The HUB

The HUB was founded in 1999 with the goal of connecting telecom and technology professionals
in the telecom space. The organization started simply, but has grown to be one of the most active
and long-running organizations of its kind in the DC area. We are proud of our grass-roots beginnings.
Here is the story...

It was a beautiful fall day on the Chesapeake Bay in 1999 when the idea for the The HUB
(formerly known as the TelecomHUB) was born. Out for a day of sailing, three seasoned
telecom veterans, Barry Toser, Rick Gannon and Bruce Ogden, faced a job change as their
start-up employer needed to shutter the Virginia office. They decided to utilize one of their
most valuable assets--their Rolodex of contacts (yes, they still used those back then!)--to
find their next opportunity.

Armed with a list of names, a speaker, a room reservation at the Tower Club in Tysons Corner
and lots of faith, they began stuffing and stamping envelopes (yep, really). They figured that
one of these people was bound to be hiring. And they were! And, people liked the concept and
wanted to keep meeting. The rest is history.

The HUB continues to thrive, having hosted over 300 events, with more than 5000 participants
and members in the database, and a long list of highly committed sponsors. Sponsors help
support The HUB's mission and continue to enrich the organization. The Board of Directors
and Advisory Board members serve faithfully. Volunteers and friends help to staff events,
locate speakers, spread the word and secure sponsors.  HUB venue and promotional partners
help the organization to maintain a high level of professionalism and quality.

Through industry ups, downs and transformations, the mission to serve the technology, telecom,
information & communications technology, converged communications and related technology
markets continues. The HUB strives to provide a place for people to meet, connect, learn,
re-invent, and succeed. Join us on the journey!

Hear from Barry Toser on the history of The HUB (formerly known as the TelecomHUB)